God, for giving us health to realize this dream.

Our Family, because they are always at our side.

All those who have contributed to build, decorate and prepare the house:
    CAYBE C.B. Builders (Ángel, Julián, Antonio, Emilio, Silverio, Toni y José).
    Felipe Magdaleno foreman builder.
    Dávila facilities.
    Ángel Sánchez e Hijas painters.
    PUYBER locksmith.
    Lusan furniture.
    La Corredera handicraft.
    Luz y Claridad S.L.
    Antiek & Design Centre.

Carrascalejo's town council for help us as possible as they could.

All our friends and colleagues, for joining us, and help us endure so many comments on the work and advise us on what they could.

Isidoro Davila Dávila , I met and learned many historical data and events of our town through his book “Carrascalejo de la Jara, datos y vivencias”.

Ernesto Goetz, from Rincon Rustico, por sus manos divinas en la restauracion de todo tipo de objetos, y por su creatividad a la hora de diseñar con gusto y utilidad.